By September 11, 2019Artikel

By: Widya Damayanti (student)
Edited by: Tuty Afiatun

These days, most of students often bring their notebook computers whenever they go to school. This notebook computer is used as their learning aid especially for accessing knowledge. It means that the students prefer to leave their textbooks at home. In this way, the students believe that notebook computer is better than textbook in terms of accessing references they need for their school projects.

One of the most acceptable reason is that notebook computer is really easy to carry. The students just need their laptop and charger, then put them in their bag. Once their computer devices are complete, they just need to find internet connection for retrieving the information they require for their school works. In this way, if the students have homework, they just need to plug in their computer and connect it to the internet for browsing or searching the needed references.
Another reason is that notebook is really practical. It saves more time than textbooks. If the students use the textbooks, they need to search for their book first. It takes a lot of time. For example, if the students want to do homework with their friends, but they do not have enough time to accomplish their school works just because of spending lots of their time for seeking some relevant books. In this case, notebook is really helpful. By the help of internet, you just need to surf on the websites that provides relevant information or topics for completing your school works. In other words, browsing relevant information in the internet scrimps our time much more than reading textbooks.

All in all, the students are really assisted with the presence of notebook computers because of its practicality. Through notebook computers, they do not need to waste their time and energy for searching the needed references. So, the use of notebook computers can make the students’ time and energy spent efficiently when searching learning resources.

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