English Team of NFBS Bogor held a mini workshop on Teaching Reading to Teenagers on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 at Room 2 of SMPIT NFBS Bogor’s building. This workshop was conducted in cooperation with Oxford University Press for discovering and overcoming the issues of teaching reading foundin English Language Teaching.Presented by Mark Richard, a Manager Service of Oxford University Press, this workshop was attended by not only English teachers but also Math and Science teachers. The participation of Math and science teachers in this workshop was one of the real forms of school commitment in supporting the plan of having bilingual title. Even though the workshop topic seemed not really relevant with the teaching of Science and Math, it could be the resource for Math and Science teachers, in which their some classes are taught in English, for gaining the English inputs or even adopting the methods of teaching reading in their classes.
Moreover, the workshop was done through group discussions, and mini practices on a particular method of teaching reading. From the discussion, it was revealed that teaching reading was mostly found as a boring and monotonous thing for both the teacher and the students. It happened because reading activity is generally regarded as something tiring as well as uninteresting for students. In addition, the majority of students were also reported that they have a very short focus when dealing with reading printed resources. This fact might be driven by the issue that the students are more interested in an activity where technology is involved in it. Consequently, teaching reading is quite challenging for teachers because it needs more efforts for modifying the varieties of reading activity particularly non-technological reading activities.

Responding to the challenges of teaching reading to teenagers, this mini workshop was confirmed to be helpful especially for English teachers as it equipped them with the wide range of teaching reading models. The taught teaching reading models were very applicative and ready to use in the classroom. Therefore, all participants felt like getting abundant eyes openers after getting involved in this mini workshop. “Hopefully, it could be done again in the next sometimes”, said one of the participants before ending the workshop. HA

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