Boarding School Is Better Than Full Day School

By September 11, 2019Artikel

By: Raudha Rizkiafillah (Student)

Edited by: Tuty Afiatun

In the past years, boarding school in Indonesia was considered as non-qualified place to study. Most of people believed that boarding school could not educate students to be a well-mannered man. However, that paradigm, in my view, is not completely true anymore. The reality says that boarding school has higher impacts on students’ good character developments than the full day school has. That is why I believe that boarding school is better than full day school in the perspective of students’ positive character developments.

First, boarding school can make the students more independent. The boarding school students commonly stay away from their family. It means the students have no one who will always remind and help them to do something. For example, the students should look for and take the foods by themselves whenever they are hungry. In this case, they have to be responsible for their own nutrition. This small thing actually can give big impact to students’ autonomous character.

Moreover, boarding school, in my opinion, really educates their students to have a good attitude. The students of boarding school are generally taught about discipline in terms of time, clothes, language, and worship. The teaching of this discipline in boarding school seems more effective to apply to the students as their activities are observed by their teachers for 24 hours. One of the simplest examples in this case is that the language used by full day and boarding school students is quite different. Full day school students seem speaking more harsh words than boarding school students. It happens because the students of full day school are not always controlled by their teachers in their social interaction. This fact is really different from what is felt by boarding school students. Whenever boarding school students speak harsh words, there will be always at least a teacher ready to warn them not to do it anymore; otherwise some consequences are given to them. By having this kind of strict treatment, the students of boarding school can control their words wisely and politely. In other words, this treatment gradually gives another good impact to students’ positive character which is greater in weight of quality than full day school offers.

All in all, I think people are too anxious about boarding school’s capability in educating the students. Their worries, in my opinion, are not completely logic as boarding school somehow has a big contribution to students’ positive character development in terms of their independence skill and their good attitude. In other words, the contribution of boarding school towards students’ positive character development is better than full day school, especially state full day school.

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