By September 11, 2019Artikel

By: Salwa Saajidah (Student)

Edited by: Tuty Afiatun

Nowadays, children play video game for releasing their stress at school as it is considered making them happy. However, in my opinion, video game is not always fun to play because it has two bad impacts on children.

Firstly, video gaming can affect negatively on children’s health. Spending a lot of time in front of the monitor screen can cause bad vision and damage their eyes. Moreover, when somebody has been addicted to video game, they will forget about taking care of themselves even in the simplest things such as eating and taking bath. Thus, playing video game can lead the children to have bad habits on taking care of their health.

Secondly, video gaming can kill their skills of communication with others. Most of the time, video gamers are anti-social. In this case, they prefer to hang inside rather than hang out with their friends and family. It can reduce the willingness of video gamers especially children to experience real communication with society.

To summarize, video gaming may be fun to play, but it is not always good. Therefore, children are strongly not recommended to overplay video game because it has negative impact such having bad health and killing skills of communication.


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