[ Alasan Memilih NFBS Bogor] #The Series 📌


Masih bingung kenapa harus memilih NFBS Bogor?

English Culture

“Being excellent in English allows you to broaden your world and open many gates of opportunity to improve the quality of life. Nurul Fikri Boarding School Bogor has provided many activities to evolve English skills, such as English Time for students and Professional Teachers Development for teachers.”

Tunggu apa lagi??

Ayo segera jadi bagian dari NFBS Bogor🤝🏻

For more information:
🔍 psb.nfbs-bogor.sch.id

📳Info Lebih Lanjut WA Humas NFBS Bogor: 0857 7979 8040

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