Alasan Memilih NFBS Bogor – Alumni Talk (3)

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[ Alasan Memilih NFBS Bogor] #The Series 📌


Masih bingung kenapa harus memilih NFBS Bogor?

Alumni Talk

“I got a lot of things to learn when I studied at NFBS Bogor. The intimacy of our friendship to each other, the teachers and the staffs who are fun and friendly like our friends, and the atmosphere comes within an amazing view. Those things made me feel comfortable to be a part of NFBS Bogor. Other than that, NFBS Bogor encourages students according to their talents with many valuable things; ranging from leadership skill, literacy skills, public speaking skill, and others. I think, these are the extraordinary values from NFBS Bogor which I will not get from the other ordinary schools.”

Desmodromic Adriano
Alumni SMPIT NFBS Bogor angkatan 1

Dapatkan pengalaman berharga seperti ka Desmodromic Adriano dengan menjadi bagian dari NFBS Bogor 🤝🏻

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