Nurul Fikri Boarding School Bogor (NFBS Bogor) got an honor to be visited by Ad Hoc team of PT. Timah Bangka Belitung on Saturday, August 3, 2019. The Ad Hoc team consisted of three main parties: a representative of Education Department of Bangka Belitung, three representatives of a public school, and CSR team of PT. Timah. Led by Mimpin Sitepu, an Ad Hoc chairman of PT. Timah, this visit was aimed to seek insights on boarding school management particularly dormitory management systems. For this reason, the arrival of the Ad Hoc team was welcomed officially by Ustad Hapid, Boarding education affair.

In the welcoming speech, Ustad Hapid stated that the visit of Ad Hoc team of PT. Timah to NFBS Bogor was absolutely such an indescribable gratitude as it opened the wider path for NFBS Bogor to spread more goodness through what have been done so far by NFBS Bogor to many parties. This grateful feeling was expressed through the warm and amiable sharing activities which involved the management team of NFBS Bogor dormitory and Ad Hoc team of PT. Timah. The sharing activities were mainly conducted in the form of open discussion and dormitory tour.

From the discussion, it was implicitly seen that NFBS Bogor was chosen to be the school target of PT. Timah’s comparative study program because of their big trust to Nurul Fikri Foundation. The Ad Hoc team believed that Nurul Fikri is a big name with reputable school management system. Therefore, no matter how new NFBS Bogor is, they trusted that NFBS Bogor has successfully performed well management of boarding school and had firm concepts of boarding education. Their argument is based on the fact that NFBS Bogor has fruitfully convinced parents to send their children to study in this boarding school in only around two years of operation. It absolutely intrigued the Ad Hoc team to discover the secret of NFBS Bogor in “making money” in a short amount of time. The chairman of Ad Hoc team acknowledged in a short interview that “all you are doing here, so sorry to say, can make money. Why I couldn’t do this in my, I would say, very beautiful island in Bangka Belitung”. This statement implied that they were encouraged to establish a reputable integrated boarding school in Bangka Belitung after spending approximately five hours studying the boarding system of NFBS Bogor. This motivation was seemingly driven by the fact that Bangka Belitung actually has more than enough resources to be one the centre of trusted boarding schools, if it is compared to Bogor, a small city in West Java province.

Furthermore, the Ad Hoc chairman in a deeper interview admitted that the boarding system applied by PT. Timah was still partial where the boarding education is separate from the regular school education. In this context, the boarding education is fully funded by PT. Timah, but the students study in a public school where both the management and education system are controlled and managed by government. This reality has resulted the issue of students’ dependency on the scholarship of PT. Timah but the education outcome is still not in line with the expectations of PT. Timah as the students’ scholarship provider. “I believe that we can adopt the management system of boarding school here”, said Mimpin Sitepu responding to the gaps of boarding education experienced by PT. Timah. In addition, the insights gained from NFBS Bogor are absolutely a precious reference and inspiration for PT. Timah to establish a foundation which concerns with education of integrated boarding school in the next some years. Lastly, the Ad Hoc team of PT. Timah really hopes that there would be some continuous mutual collaborative works between PT. Timah and NFBS Bogor in the form of joint writing on boarding school management, and other types of mutual cooperation. HA


Created : Ustadzah Tuty Afiatun

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